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Learn to knit - FREE class for Social Knitworking members!

Learn to knit! 
If you have never knit before or if it has been a very long time since you knit, this is the class for you! Two two-hour sessions. You will leave with a small project, ready to take on a scarf or other larger project. 

Session 1:
  • Casting on using the knit or long tail cast on
  • The knit stitch
  • The purl stitch
  • Garter stitch and stockinette stitch
  • Types of yarn and reading a ball band
  • Basic pattern reading and abbreviations 
Session 2:
  • Ribbing and other combination stitches 
  • Increasing and decreasing
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Binding off and finishing
  • Additional pattern reading and abbreviations 

There is a list of New York City area yarn shops on the Meetup web site in the "files" section.  You can also try,,, and many other sites if you prefer to shop online. 

Please bring to the first class
  • Size 8 straight needles (wooden, 9" are best if you can find them) 
  • Worsted weight yarn in a light color
  • Scissors or nippers+
In order to finish the project you will need
  • Button 
  • Needle and thread for sewing button 
  • Tapestry needle with eye large enough for yarn to go through, such as thisthis, or this.

Knockoff Knitting
Time & Location TBA

Are you able to knit and purl, but confounded by cables, lead astray by lace stitches, and rattled by the idea of knitting in the round? Are you still pining for that Anthropologie scarf or J. Crew hat you saw in the shop window last weekend, even though it is way out of your price range? Are you excited by the thought of customizing the knitted accessories that you see on the runways for color, yarn fiber, and the perfect fit? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready to take your knitting to the next level with Knockoff Knitting!

Knockoff Knitting is an advanced-beginner level knitting class. Students should know at least one method of cast-on as well as basic knit and purl stitches. The class is divided into three sessions. Suggestions are given in each session for practicing skills learned in class. 

Session one:
Knitting in the round
Students will learn how to use circular needles as well as knitting on double pointed needles, how to avoid the "jog" when joining, and basic increases and decreases, as well as reading charts for color work and intermediate pattern reading. Students will examine different types of circular needles and gain an understanding of which needles are appropriate for different types of projects. 

Session two: 
Students will learn twists and explore three popular cable stitches, including left and right leaning cables, the horseshoe, and x's and o's. Students will also learn cable pattern and chart reading. 

Session three: 
Basic lace stitches
Students will learn several additional increases and decreases used in lace knitting, as well as reading lace patterns and charts. 

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for a cost of $20.00-$60.00 per hour.  Lessons are available in your home, workplace, or in a public space within the 5 boroughs (within reasonable travel distance for me).

Group Lessons
Groups of 3 or more may schedule lessons for $50.00 per hour and up. Lessons are available in your home, workplace, or in a public space within the 5 boroughs (within reasonable travel distance for me).