Friday, November 14, 2014

In the Clouds cowl.

Brr. It's cold. And I, like a fool, left the house without any cold weather gear. So I stopped by Michaels and picked up the new Loops and Threads chunky yarn - my plan was to get the thickest yarn possible so I could whip up a cowl for the bike ride home from work. This yarn was added to Ravelry on November 1st, which is why I think it is new.

The yarn is soft and easy to work with, but sheds all over the place. I worked flat on size 17 needles because that is all I had with me. It took about an hour to whip this up. My coworker commented that the yarn was like a fluffy cloud, so I did it in seed stitch to give it a lovely cloudy texture.

I wanted it extra tall so it would cover my face while riding. If you want a more relaxed cowl, cast on fewer stitches (8 would be good).

When I was walking around the grocery store, I flipped it down so it was folded in half, which worked pretty well.


Cast on 10 stitches
Knit in seed stitch for approx. 20 inches
Bind off and seam

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