Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gifting is what I do best

Two hats and one set of arm warmers.  In all the time that I have been knitting, that is all I have knit for myself (and managed to keep). 

Besides these three items I've knitted plenty of other projects - 64 according to my Ravelry profile - for other people. That number does not include the miles of garter stitch scarfs I made when I was first learning to knit, or a few other stray projects that never made their way to Ravelry glory. 

In the past few weeks I've managed to whip up four hats, two scarves, and one dishcloth.

For my sister, one of those Ruffle scarves made with novelty yarn. This was slow going at first, but once I got into the groove I was done before I knew what was going it. It turned out pretty well - unfortunately I forgot to pack it, so it will have to go in the mail as her birthday present in the spring.

For my mom, a famous Ballband dishcloth. I don't know why I have so much of this funky Sugar and Cream yarn. It looked so cool in the store. But I knew my mom would love it, even with my forgotten slipped stitches. I paired it with a bar of fancy soap from TJ MAXX (shh, don't tell) and wrapped it in a pretty ribbon. She loved it! 

The hats are for various folks, a red one for DH's grandmother's 80th birthday (a most auspicious day), a blue one that DH has been asking me for, a cabled hat for my niece  and a no-pattern stockinette beanie for my nephew.

And the other scarf. I wanted to make something pretty for my mom, as it seems I am always giving her practical things. This pattern was inspired by my love for Miss Marple (which started during my early teen year infatuation with British murder mysteries).

But this is what it wound up looking like:

I don't know, those decreases got to me, and by the time I noticed the was too late. My mom loved it anyway.

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