Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yarn Season

It's that time of year again! Time for pumpkin treats and crackling leaves and, of course, yarn! I tried to knit over the summer, I really did. I picked up my needles more than once with the full intention of getting by holiday gifts done oh so early..but did I finish anything? No. Instead I distracted myself with sewing and stenciling, reading, and not doing a whole lot else. Of course, it is possible to knit in the summer. But it just ins't the same as cozying up with a hot cup of something and playing in all that soft wool.

This weekend includes two awesome knitting-related events. The first is the three-day long NYC Yarn Crawl. LYS's all around the city participate with giveaways and events from Saturday-Monday, and the Yarn Crawl sponsors a scavenger hunt that you play by visiting as many shops as possible.

The only shop I visited was the lovely Purl Soho. They had a raffle going on and I won this awesome Stockinette Snake Kit that was featured over the summer on the The Purl Bee. I can't wait to knit up an adorable snake friend!

The other event was the first annual Kings County Fiber Festival, which took place at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The festival included finger knitting demos for kids, lots of local yarn, and a spinning demo. My friend and I learned to needle felt from a lovely lady with Decadent Fibers. We each bought a pumpkin kit and spent the rest of the afternoon felting away! The roving was soft and super easy to work with, and the needles that came with it were heavy duty. I give five stars to Decadent Fibers for their high-quality kits, which I think are offered at a reasonable price.

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