Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby Fun

My coworker is expecting in January and her baby shower is coming up. I saw that she had some baby mittens on her registry so I decided to knit her some. I improvised the pattern today while attending a conference for work. I had both mittens done by lunch. She is having a boy so I used some pretty variegated blue yarn that I have had in my stash for a while. I didn't have any dpn's with me so they are knit flat and seamed. I had both mittens done well before lunch.

Here is the recipe.

I used worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles

CO 20 st
rows 1-6: knit in a k2 p2 rib
rows 7-17: knit in stockinette

Begin decrease

row 18: *P2, P2tog* to end of row(15 sts)
row 19: knit
row 20: purl
row 21: *k1, k2tog* to end of row (10 sts)
row 22: p2tog to end of row (5 ts)

bind off remaining 5 sts, leaving a tail long enough to seam, and seam up side

I also made a baby hat. Unfortunately I had to use a different yarn so it doesn't match, but at least I got to practice magic loop. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it is done.

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