Sunday, July 8, 2012


This has been a weekend full of sewing.

First off, the quilt is finished! It is a little puckered and kinda funky - but it held together through the wash and is ready to present!

I can't believe I actually made a quilt. Awesome!

Secondly, I decided I had the quilting bug and made this little sewing machine mat with a matching pincushion.

The pincushion was inspired by this tutorial over at I Can Find the Time. The mat I sort of improvised after looking at a bunch of other tutorials online. It has pockets in the front for my commonly used tools. The fabric has little crafty things on it like pincushions and scissors and I made the measuring tape trim with some fabric that I bought for another project.

Also, my awesome mother in law, who works making sample garments in the fashion district, came over yesterday to help me with a dress pattern. Now that I am almost finished I can tell dress is going to be too small, but it will be a good gift for someone. At any rate, she scoffed (yes, scoffed!) at my Ginghers! She said "I will have to give you some good fabric scissors." These are Ginghers! I thought. The best of the best! And you dare scoff? But I only said "okay, thanks." So I went over to her place today and look what she gave me.

Kai scissors. I beleive these are the S-100's. While I was there she split some fabric with me and I used these to cut it. They are amazing. Probably weigh less than half what the Ginghers do and razor sharp. And they aren't new, either. The paint has come off the handle where the little notch knocks against it. I love them!

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