Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bobbin in my pocket

I love sewing. I totally forgot how much I loved it, mostly because I never practice. I recently purchased a Groupon for a place that offers a lot of different classes thinking I would take line drawing. Well, line drawing didn't work with my schedule so I opted for intro to sewing class, which perked my thready senses. The class actually wasn't that great, but it reminded me that I do have a lot of beginner sewing skills and that I want to build on them. So I made this.

Sewing Machine Cover

It is inspired by the one in Diana Rupp's book, Sew Everything Workshop. If you are learning to sew, I cannot recommend this book enough! It includes ten awesome patterns and even more projects are included in the book (like the sewing machine cover). It is easy to read, the instructions are well written, and it is entertaining! Maybe I will actually do a full review a little later.

I think I want to get into quilting.

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