Friday, June 29, 2012

Morse Ambassador Vintage Sewing Machine

My new best friend. 

She is a mid-century Morse "Ambassador" Zig Zag sewing machine in two-tone pink. A grad school friend gave her to me. 

I don't know anything about vintage machines except that metal machines will last a really long time and generally need less repairs, and that they are beautiful. I am trying desperately to find out more about her and hoping to get some opinions on how much to pay to get her cleaned and fixed up.  I would love to have her as my "back up" machine and to get rid of the Wal-Mart Brother that I started on. 

Is this the model number? It says "802" This is the bottom of the machine. 

Or is this the model number? It says "J-A19. M. NA 12777 (the last part is probably the serial number). This is stamped on the side of the machine under the deck on the front left. 

Or is this? "J-C4" is stamped under the machine in the front. 

The internet is not helping me. I'm finding a lot of similar machines, but not this one... 

Back view. The metal plate reads "FOR COTTON SIZE OF SILK OR LINEN NEEDLE
then under that
100 to 150 cotton
30 silk (9)
80 to 100 cotton
24 to 80 silk (11)
50 to 80 cotton
20 silk (14)

Motor showing Morse badge
The badge reads "Morse Sewing Machine Motor. 1/8 H.P. 12 AMP AC DC 15 VOLTS

The red button has a "R" on it for reversing. 

All of the other Morse machines I can find pictures of online have three buttons for Drop Feed options. This machine also has three settings - S for Silk, N for Normal, and E for Embroidery - but only the two buttons. 

Besides a good cleaning and tension adjustment, she also needs some wiring work.

This is the disgusting case. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bad Brother

I think my Brother is dying.

I have a model Ls-2125i that my mom bought for me as a X-mas present a while back. I've only used it for a few projects, but it keeps doing this thing where multiple bobbin threads are coming out.  I took a picture but it seems to have been deleted from the camera and I don't really feel like threading the machine again just to show how messed up it is.

I have no idea what is causing this. I've re-threaded the machine and bobbin, even cleaned the machine. Well, today was the worst of it. It wasn't just the thread issue. The tension is way off!

I am currently taking a machine piecing class at the lovely Purl Soho in hopes of completing a baby quilt for a coworker. This is what is happening to my blocks.

After sewing, ripping, and testing again and again, all I can say is, I think it is time for a new machine.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bobbin in my pocket

I love sewing. I totally forgot how much I loved it, mostly because I never practice. I recently purchased a Groupon for a place that offers a lot of different classes thinking I would take line drawing. Well, line drawing didn't work with my schedule so I opted for intro to sewing class, which perked my thready senses. The class actually wasn't that great, but it reminded me that I do have a lot of beginner sewing skills and that I want to build on them. So I made this.

Sewing Machine Cover

It is inspired by the one in Diana Rupp's book, Sew Everything Workshop. If you are learning to sew, I cannot recommend this book enough! It includes ten awesome patterns and even more projects are included in the book (like the sewing machine cover). It is easy to read, the instructions are well written, and it is entertaining! Maybe I will actually do a full review a little later.

I think I want to get into quilting.