Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seattle fun

I'm back from my West Coast vaca!

I'm sorry this post has no pics! I did take some, but my memory card is messed up and they won't download :(

Since everyone around me was sick for most of my time away, I passed the time checking out the LYS's and eating a lot of pastries. I am excited to report that not only did I make off with a TON of loot, I also took a drop spindle class at the lovely Weaving Works.

The first shop I hit was Acorn Street Shop. Although I didn't actually purchase anything, I enjoyed eyeing the sparkly stuff by the counter.

Then I headed over to the Weaving Works. This is hands-down my favorite yarn store EVER. Not only was the selection amazing and the prices not too crazy, the staff was super friendly. The shop has a very welcoming vibe and everywhere you turn there are beautiful yarns, notions, and other fun things to fondle. I purchased a big bag of loot AND scheduled a drop spindle lesson for the following Wednesday.

Another shop I hit was Seattle Yarn. I am sad to report that this was one of the worst shops I've ever been to. It was really difficult to figure out how the yarn was organized. They seemed to have a lot of notions, so I decided to look for a flower loom. I was explaining to my friend what one looked like so she could help me look when I said "maybe I should just ask a staff person." One of the people working overheard me and said "yeah, maybe you should ask a staff person" in a very nasty way. The other person, who was standing behind the counter, ignored us the entire time.

I finished off my yarn tour with a chance encounter at So Much Yarn. The husband and I were hanging out around Pike Place Market when I saw a small sandwich board that proclaimed "yarn sale this way!"  I felt like I was in a Loony Tunes cartoon as I followed the strategically placed signs around the corner, down the street, through a gate, up some stair, and down a hallway.  Despite obviously being super busy re-pricing and making room for new items, the staff checked on me repeatedly without being too pushy. The shop was having a major clearance sale and I loaded up.  

Well, that is my yarn-y Seattle adventure in a nutshell. What experiences have you had yarn shopping in an unfamiliar place? 

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  1. I went to So Much Yarn too when I was in Seattle in December - awesome place. I wish I had time to visit Weaving Works since I am becoming an avid spinner, but my schedule didn't allow.