Sunday, March 11, 2012

The bead adventure

I have been thinking about making stitch markers to give as gifs and sell on Etsy for a while. I have very little beading experience so of course I turned to the internet for help. There are several good stitch marker tutorials, but I was still feeling a little lost, especially when it came to the wire wrapping. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was walking with a friend in Chelsea when we stopped into a little bead store called Beads of Paradise. The shop has lots of beads, of course, as well as keychains, wallets, figurines, and wall hangings from around the world. I am not sure exactly how they acquire these products - if they are made in sweatshops or purchased at a fair price from artisans - but it is a colorful collection of weird and wonderful stuff at any rate. Long story short, as we were browsing I spotted a little sign that read "Jewelry Class Sunday at 1:00 p.m." After a little research, I discovered that the class was the "Findings Crash Course" where students learn pearl knotting and some basic wire wrapping, and everyone takes home a bracelet, necklace, and pair of earrings, as well as some beading tools and a little carrying case. Of course I signed up right away! And here are the results:

My necklace and bracelet. I started with a pattern on the necklace, but it was taking too long so the second half is kind of random. 

Earrings! These are my favorite! If it looks like one is longer than the other, that's because it is. But I love them anyway. 

Now, you might think that after this class I would immediately run home and start my own little stitch marker production company. But that was not the first thing I did. No, the first thing I did was buy more beads.

So then I must have gone home and made stitch markers, right? Wrong. I decided I would try some simple crochet jewelry.

What about the stitch markers? I finally did make some. They didn't turn out beautiful like the ones in the tutorials, but they turned out. Unfortunately, I didn't think about getting a pic of them until it was too late. They were a present for a fellow social work knitter.


  1. I love the jewelry but the ring is my favorite. It is gorgeous!

  2. Hey Annie, it was super easy to make! I slipped on the beads first, chained 6, then chained around each bead, slipping one at a time. Then I chained 6 more and tied a half-hitch. I also put some nail polish on the knot to secure it.
    If you need clarification on that let me know. I'm glad you like it!