Saturday, January 7, 2012

Social Knitworking

I've started a meetup group focused on self-care through knitting! Here is the description:

Social Knitworking is a yarncrafting group geared towards those in the so-called "helping" professions (social workers, nurses, teachers, and the like) as well as people who work for social justice through activism, organizing, and community work. However, all are welcome!
This group was created out of the need to encourage self care and community building among folks who spend their time giving of themselves, whether that means providing therapy to homeless adults or organizing working people in your neighborhood.
We will get together to share laughs, stitches, and community approximately twice a month. The group is open to all levels of yarncrafters - sharing of skills and knowledge is encouraged, so even if you are just coming to learn, feel free to join in. In the spirit of inclusiveness meetups will be held in various locations around the 5 boroughs.
You can join by clicking here : Social Knitworking Meetup

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