Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pattern: Pu pu platter scarf

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to first pattern!

I try to teach knitting in the way that I would have liked to learn. Part of that is wishing I had tried more stitch combinations with knit and purl early on.  Sure, I learned ribbing pretty quickly, but seed stitch was too confusing with all the back and forth and I didn't quite have a use for stockinette. Little did I know that the cottage style of baskewave was beaconing to be applied to scarves and dishcloths, or that the sophisticated bamboo stitch could be used to dress up armwarmers or a headband.

Here is a scarf that, like the pu pu platter, gives you a sample of a few different things. A ridge stitch, basketweave, big bamboo, seed and garter stitch are implemented.

This pattern has yet to be test knit and I would love to get feedback from folks who want to try it.

Download here from Google Docs: Pu pu platter scarf

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