Monday, January 9, 2012

Lady with the technicolor dream crochet

After stopping by Michael's on Friday after work, I saw this woman in the subway who was covered in crochet. Her hat, bag, and skirt were all brilliant pink, blue, and purple stitches. She was wearing a coat so I couldn't see her top. She also had a stroller with a cat in it. The stroller had lots of crochet all over it as well. It was amazing. I saw her at the 96th st stop getting on the C train.

SO - on Sunday I went to Michael's again. (It was a Valentine's day decor emergency, okay!) Well, guess who I saw at the same train station? I wanted to talk to her but I was embarrassed. I need to get over that. It was about the same time of day (around 7:30 p.m.) as when I saw her on Friday. We both got off at 59th and waited on the platform. She kept looking at me (maybe she noticed the awesome knitted hat I was wearing) and I kept looking at her, mesmerized by her awesome technicolorness. She fiddled with her cat, who was an adorable Persian. I thought "now is my chance! I should talk to her!" But did I? Nay, I did not. Instead I looked at my phone. 

Now hear this, amazing lady with the technicolor dream crochet. I am stalking you. And next time I go to Michael's you better believe I'm gonna talk to you on the subway platform! 

I snuck this pic when she wasn't looking. I feel like a total creep but it was worth it. 

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